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Afterschool Program
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Before/After School and summer camp

High Meadows knows that many family’s schedules make after school programs essential during the school year and during school holidays. Our program offers a safe environment for additional homework/study time so kids can spend more quality time with their families at home. We provide daily hands-on activities and a place where your child can spend time with their friends.

Our before and after school program offers the school-age child a welcomed break from the structured academic learning to free choice learning areas that further enhance a child’s creativity, problem-solving, and decision making skills.

Through daily parent interaction, our teachers can determine what each child requires after school. Such as, if a child needs more help in order to complete homework assignments, or needs tutoring in certain areas. This also is a good time to let the children learn more about computers, which are available at the center. We recognize that after a busy day at school, children need time to play. Supervised playground times are given to our students so they have the chance to release some energy and enjoy the outdoors.

school bus
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